A Cat’s Guide to Training Your Human

- October 1, 2016



Dogs have owners. Cats have staff… If you’re owned by a cat, you’re probably familiar with many of these training methods that Cole and Marmalade have used to get their human fully trained 🙂



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  • hahahaaha XD

    Jannina_N - 2 months ago

  • you nedd a baby in your life your baby

    Kaoutar elouaabani - 2 months ago

  • 0:06 I thought you were Batman

    ぎゃらみら gm - 2 months ago

  • I've realised that I don't actually have a bed. The bed that's in my room is my cats bed and he just allows me to sleep in it while he's right in the middle of the mattress, under the covers so I have to try find a way to sleep around him.

    The Kawaii Gamer - 2 months ago

  • thanes fur dis luvlie videeouh naow houmen veary tranneedd

    twenty_øne_dreamies - 2 months ago

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