A Cat’s Guide to Training Your Human

- October 1, 2016



Dogs have owners. Cats have staff… If you’re owned by a cat, you’re probably familiar with many of these training methods that Cole and Marmalade have used to get their human fully trained 🙂



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  • Dogs are loyal to you.

    Cats do this.

    Autistic Foamer - 1 days ago

  • My boss is training me well. I didn't accidently waste my energy on school, my boss stopped me and used my energy for himself. Best boss ever!

    Mallow - 6 days ago

  • Cole and Marmalade are too cute I love orange Tabby's (I just realized every cat ceramic statue I painted was an orange tabby... COINSIDENCE I THINK NOT!!!)

    Luna The Wolf - 1 week ago

  • At first part it was funny cole and marmalade!!

    Nailah Rehman - 1 week ago

  • i think spookie and luna need to train brian more lol

    neko alliy - 1 week ago

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