A Cat’s Guide To Taking Care Of Your Human

- October 1, 2016



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  • "each night u must sleep on there face to keep them from freezing" XD LMAO LOL

    Theamazingjon585 - 1 week ago

  • Is the narrator Morgan Freeman?

    koichi Ball - 1 week ago

  • So I really loved this video until I saw it was for Purina lightweight litter. That stuff legitimately gave my cat an asthma attack and she almost died. There are many similar stories online about this product. Do not use it!

    That said, I love this video and if it was for a different product I would totally have shared it with a ton of other cat-lovers.

    AlissaGranger - 1 week ago

  • This guy sounds alot like Zefrank.

    Jody Pu'u - 1 week ago

  • This is brilliant and adorable

    Paxton Park - 1 week ago

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