A Cat’s Guide to Boxes

- October 1, 2016



If I fits, I sits… Everyone knows that cats love boxes! … Here’s Cole and Marmalade’s guide to these feline favorites.

I’m convinced that pet stores should dedicate an aisle or two to selling boxes 🙂

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  • 1:23 looks like cole and marm play metal gear too

    Mr Banana Cat - 5 days ago

  • I dare everyone to speak cat

    Doge Driver - 1 week ago

  • Tfw when you get an ad


    Ustoleit's cat Perilous - 2 weeks ago

  • i'd really buy a box of Heineken if there was beer and a cat in it.

    Lollerino - 3 weeks ago

  • Cole when the camera is close to cole it looks like a human😕

    Nicole Bade - 3 weeks ago

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