A Cat’s Guide to Boxes

- October 1, 2016



If I fits, I sits… Everyone knows that cats love boxes! … Here’s Cole and Marmalade’s guide to these feline favorites.

I’m convinced that pet stores should dedicate an aisle or two to selling boxes πŸ™‚

Comments (533)

  • If I was a cat I would sleep in side the pizza box

    Last Horizon - 5 days ago

  • 2:27 i cant stop laughing pls help

    Pikachu Gamer - 2 weeks ago

  • You said it wrong. The proper way to say it would be "subscribe FUR more" not "for more"

    Cat lives matter - 2 weeks ago

  • kittys always get into boxes 🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈

    baby JayJaygirl - 3 weeks ago

  • My fur baby looked just like Cole but with shorter hair/fur.I miss her so much. She was re homed because my depression is so severe I was a danger to her. Luckily she has found an amazing forever home where she is the queen( as she should be) and here servants spoil her rotten.Thanks Cole and Marmalade for helping me keep going.

    Tsidi Mdudu - 3 weeks ago

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